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Gold Price: $2035.57
Silver Price: $22.9505 0.1955

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We are experienced in buying and selling all rare coins from the U.S. and around the world

Are you a collector of rare and antique coins? Have you recently acquired some old coins and want to know their value? Let the coin experts at Twery’s Rare Coins & Jewelry help!

Twery’s Rare Coins & Jewelry is a family-owned West Palm Beach rare coin dealer with four generations of expertise in all matters relating to rare, antique, and valuable old coins. Our team is highly knowledgeable in all aspects of coin collecting and appraisal. It will give you an honest assessment of your coin collection’s value with an accurate estimate. We will provide you with our best possible price for any coins or currency you wish to sell, guaranteed. Whether you are a coin-collecting enthusiast or would prefer to turn your rare coins and currency into spendable American money, the team at Twery’s can help you!

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Why Sell Your Rare Coins To Twerys?

Twery’s has been serving the West Palm Beach and Boynton Beach areas for generations. Our team is comprised of experts when it comes to rare old coins and their values. If you have antique coins or currency you wish to sell, count on us to offer you our best possible price for your rare collectibles. Contact us today to sell your rare coins and walk out with money in your pocket.

Our coin appraisals are conducted by experts who know what to look for when it comes to assessing the value of a rare coin. They make sure you understand the history and background of your unusual coins and currency before you sell them to us. We will determine the exact worth of your collection, both as a whole and by each coin. Then our appraiser will offer you a fair, competitive price for your rare or antique coins. From gold and silver eagles to the finest rarities, we will determine the exact worth of your collection as a whole or individually and will offer you a fair and competitive price.

We also hold a continual membership with PCGS, Professional Coin Grading Service & NGC, Numismatic Guaranty Corporation. Both these memberships advocate that our dedicated team is well trained and compliant with strict regulations and standards. You can be sure you will receive an honest, trustworthy appraisal of all your items when you do business with Twery’s.

Get an Immediate Payment For Your Rare Coins

If you are interested in selling your antique coins or currency for an immediate payment, bring your coin collection into our West Palm Beach–area location. We’ll give you a thorough appraisal and fair offer!

Twery’s is the place to sell your coins! We have impeccable customer service, onsite security at all locations, same day service, and immediate payment.

US Type Coins

United States Type Coins Range From Half Cents Through Early Silver Dollars

  • All Copper Half Cents & Copper Large Cents
  • All Flying Eagle & Indian Cents
  • Lincoln Cents (pre 1934)
  • All Copper Two Cent Pieces
  • All Three Cent Pieces
  • All Shield Nickels, Liberty Nickels & Buffalo Nickels
  • All Half Dimes
  • All Silver Dimes dated prior 1965
  • All Silver Twenty-Cent Pieces
  • All Quarters dated prior 1965
  • All Half Dollars dated prior 1970
  • All Silver Dollars

US Silver Coins

We Buy All United States Silver Coins Dated 1970 and Earlier

  • All Half Dimes
  • All Silver Dimes dated prior 1965
  • All Silver Twenty-Cent Pieces
  • All Quarters dated prior 1965
  • All Half Dollars dated prior 1970
  • All Morgan & Peace Dollars 1878-1935
  • All U.S. Mint Commemorative Silver coins 1892-1952


When you sell your gold to Twery’s, you can rest assured you are working with a company you can trust.
We’ve been active in collectibles business since 1982, and are in good standing with the following organizations:

US Gold Coins

All United States Gold Coins Date 1795-1933

  • Gold G$1 Dollars ( Type 1, 2 & 3 ) dated 1849-1889
  • Gold $2.50 Liberty Quarter Eagles dated 1840-1907
  • Gold $2.50 Indian Quarter Eagles dated 1908-1929
  • Gold $3 Indian Princesses dated 1854-1889
  • Gold $4 Stella’s ( Coiled & Flowing Hair ) dated 1879-1880
  • Gold $5 Liberty Head Half Eagles dated 1839-1908
  • Gold $5 Indian Head Half Eagles dated 1908-1929
  • Gold $10 Liberty Head Eagles dated 1838-1907
  • Gold $10 Indian Head Eagles dated 1907-1933
  • Gold $20 Liberty Double Eagles dated 1849-1907
  • Gold $20 St. Gaudens Double Eagles dated 1907-1933

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