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We buy all collectible U.S. and foreign paper money.

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Our team of experienced currency appraisers provide an easy process to find the value of your items. Whether you are selling U.S. currency or foreign currency, Twery’s Rare Coins & Jewelry will provide you with an immediate value for silver certificates, gold certificates, legal tender, and more.

At Twery’s, we stay up to date by studying the current market to provide you with an accurate value for your currency. Read more below to see what types of currency we purchase.

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Federal Reserve Notes - Sell Currency

Federal Reserve Notes

Any Federal Reserve Bank Notes dated between 1914 & 1934, both large size and small size:

Federal Bank Reserve Notes

Any Federal Reserve Bank Notes (FRBN) Series 1915-1929, both Large and Small Size:

Federal Reserve Bank Note - Sell Currency
Silver Certificate - Sell Currency

Silver Certificates

Any Silver Certificate Dated Between 1886-1934, both Large & Small Size.

Gold Certificates

Any Gold Certificate Dated 1865-1934, both Large & Small Size.

Gold Certificate - Sell Currency


When you sell your gold to Twery’s, you can rest assured you are working with a company you can trust.
We’ve been active in collectibles business since 1982, and are in good standing with the following organizations:

Error Notes

Any United States Error Notes Of Any Type, Or Denomination.

Error Notes - Sell Currency
Colonial Currency - Sell Currency

Colonial Currency

Any Colonial Currency from any of the 13 Colonies.

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