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Our staff consist of alumnus of the Gemological Institute of America and members of the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers. This means we have the right knowledge and experience to determine the value of your jewelry!

Whether your gold, silver, or platinum jewelry is vintage or modern, we accurately appraise and offer competitive prices!

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Find out if Now is the Best Time to Sell Your Jewelry

Our highly trained and seasoned jewelry buyers understand and can determine the value of the numerous treasures that you may possess. Gold, sterling silver, and platinum are among the metals that can be appraised, and you can determine the value of these items with an expert appraisal and walk away with an immediate payment.

Twery’s also accepts and is trained in inspecting watches and pocket watches, diamonds and different types of gold, silver, and other metal-based jewels. If you are looking to sell jewelry or just get an honest assessment of what they are worth, drop by our South Florida location and see what your treasures can fetch you.

How Do I Sell My Jewelry?

If you have jewelry that you want to sell, here’s what to expect:

  1. Visit Twery’s with your jewelry for an expert analysis
  2. Let our team examine it to determine its value
  3. We make you an offer on your jewelry
  4. If you agree, you walk out with an immediate payment
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When you sell your gold to Twery’s, you can rest assured you are working with a company you can trust.
We’ve been active in collectibles business since 1982, and are in good standing with the following organizations:

How Much is My Jewelry Worth?

There are three main ways to evaluate the value of your jewelry. The first is by its intrinsic value. This is an evaluation based on the value of the metals or gems that make up the jewelry, not the piece of jewelry as a whole.

Another way to determine the value of jewelry is the resale value. In some instances, jewelry is worth more than just the metals and gems it is comprised up and the value can factor in the workmanship to create it.

Finally, the appraised value of jewelry is a theoretical value of what it would cost to replace the item in new condition. However, the appraised value doesn’t necessarily provide a good idea of what the item’s market value is at that time.

Considering the above, our experts take into account multiple factors when evaluating your jewelry. As every piece of jewelry is unique, the best suggestion we give to potential clients who want to know what their jewelry is worth is to bring it in for an honest appraisal.

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