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How Much Is White Gold Worth? Tips For Selling White Gold Rings

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When most people think of gold, they think of the typical yellow gold. But did you know that the value of white gold is actually often higher than that of yellow gold? This is due to the rhodium that’s mixed in to give the gold its white color. Rhodium is a high-value metal, and by mixing it into the gold, the value of the gold itself is increased.

If you’re thinking about selling white gold, you’ve come to the right place! Our Twery’s experts are here to answer the question “how much is white gold worth?” We’ll also teach you how to determine the value of white gold, how to increase the chance your white gold ring will well, and even help you figure out where to look…

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How Much Is White Gold Worth?

The value of white gold is usually the same as the value of red or yellow gold.

The price per ounce of gold fluctuates on a daily basis, but it’s usually between $1,100 and $1,300 per ounce.

The basic melt value of your ring is one of the simplest factors to use to figure out how much is white gold worth. Let’s say your ring weighs one ounce.

If it’s 100% pure gold, you’d get the value of the ounce of gold at the current metal price. Pretty simple, right?

However, our experts at Twery’s have a bit of advice for you: NEVER sell your white gold ring for melt value! You may be able to get a lot more for it than you’d expect if you go about valuing the ring properly. How can you do that?
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Find Out the Karats

Karat is a unit used to measure the purity of gold. 100% pure gold is 24-karat. Most white gold rings will be between 14 and 20K. 24-karat gold is far too soft and malleable, so a 100% pure gold ring would get damaged, bent, and scratched.

[su_note note_color=”#e2ae00″ radius=”0″]The higher the karat, the higher the purity of the gold. For example, an 18-karat gold ring will be 75% pure gold, with other metals (such as zinc or rhodium) mixed in to add hardness to the ring. The jeweler who sold you the ring will usually give you a piece of paper that proves what the ring’s karat is.[/su_note]

However, if you don’t have that original receipt, you can take it to a jeweler for a quick appraisal. All it takes is a simple test, and you can find out what the purity of your ring is.

Weigh the Ring

This is a very important part of figuring out how much white gold is worth. You have to know how much the ring weighs in order to know how many grams of gold you’re working with.

You probably don’t have a jeweler’s scale at home (one that measures in grams), so you may have to take the ring to a jeweler to weigh it. Once you know how much the ring weights, you can move on to finding its value.

Karat x Weight X Gold Price = Value

It’s a pretty simple formula to figure out the value of your white gold jewelry!

Let’s say you own an 18-karat ring that weighs 20 grams. If you know that the ring is 75% pure white gold, that means 75% of 20 grams is 15 grams of pure gold. One troy ounce of gold is 31.1 grams, so your ring is just under half an ounce of gold. At the price of $1,200 per troy ounce, you’ll get around $550 for your white gold ring.

Include the Stone Value

Not all white gold rings are simple wedding bands. A lot of them come with diamonds and precious stones affixed to the band. This will increase the value of the ring. However, the addition of a stone will make it difficult to figure out the value of the ring yourself. You may not know the weight of the stone, so it will be hard to calculate the weight of just the white gold.

In this case, it’s better to take it to a jeweler for an appraisal. You’ll get a detailed breakdown of the purity of the ring, the weight of the gold, and the value of the stone set into the ring. You may find that the ring is worth more than you expected!

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Selling White Gold

White Gold Ring

If you’re going to sell a white gold ring, the best place to sell it is at a jeweler. A lot of jewelers buy used white gold, especially if it’s in good condition.

They will evaluate more than just the weight and purity of the ring, but they’ll take into account style as well. If your ring has been hardly used and bears no signs of damage, it’s a good idea to take it to a jeweler to try to sell it.

If your ring is damaged, you may have to take it to a gold dealer. The dealer will pay the “scrap” or “melt value” of the ring—the value of gold multiplied by the weight and karat. This is usually only a last resort, as you will get far less for the ring than you would selling it to someone who will keep it intact. The gold dealer will usually melt down the gold to use for new items of jewelry.

For the best price, you might be better off trying to sell it online. eBay, for example, provides you with a place where you can auction the ring off for a decent price. You may not be able to get the original value of the ring (the price you paid when you bought it), but you can get a pretty good price from someone who is willing to pay above scrap value.

[su_note note_color=”#e2ae00″ radius=”0″]Remember, the value of your white gold ring is more than just the weight and purity of the gold. You chose that ring because of its appearance, the way it looked on your or your spouse’s finger.[/su_note]

The fact that you found it beautiful means that someone else will, too. They will often be willing to pay a little more for the ring than the simple melt value because of its style.

If you have a white gold ring to sell, don’t jump into a quick sale to a jeweler or gold dealer. Come to Twery’s and let us give you a full appraisal of the ring.

We’ll take into account the weight, purity, style, and condition of the ring, and we’ll help you figure out your options for selling the ring. We want to help you recoup your investment on the ring, and an appraisal is an important first step in that journey.

In the end, however, you may have to settle for a bit less than you’d like. Like all things, gold rings lose their value with use, as they get scratched, bent, or damaged. With our help, you can figure out how best to sell your ring for the highest possible price.

What did you think of the article? Any questions or comments? Leave them below, and we’re happy to help you out!

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