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Pre-owned Rolex: Where I can I buy one or sell one?

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A Rolex is the epitome of class and style. Whether you are looking for a lavish watch that will impress your friends, or you’re looking for something high-quality that will stand the test of time, a Rolex watch is the perfect accessory.

This award-winning brand is famous for its craftsmanship and beauty and of course, its name. Are you looking to buy a Rolex but don’t want to break the bank? Do you own a Rolex that you want to sell? Here are the best options for where to buy and sell a pre-owned Rolex.

  1. Buying or Selling a Rolex from Online Dealers

Pre-Owned RolexIn the age of the internet, anything that can be bought or sold online. For those of us looking to consider all of our options from the comfort of our couch, this may be the best bet.  There are several pros and cons to this option.

Some of the pros include easy access to a wide variety of well-known online dealers and the ability to search for the exact make and model of your choice. The main cons to this approach are not being able to to examine the watch in person prior to purchase and the potential to be duped by scams.

Buying a Rolex online can be risky since Rolex watches are easily forged and sold for high market value, but if you do your research carefully, the rewards of ownership make it worthwhile.

If you choose to go this route, make sure you are working with a company who is: 1) reputable and is well-established in the business 2)  uses a secure payment method with a legal guarantee such as Paypal 3) has a consistent and clear return policy with some type of warranty and money-back guarantee.

  1. Buying or Selling a Rolex from a Watch Auction House

sell rolexSelling your watch to an auction house is a popular option for those looking for a wide audience of collectors.

These auction houses are known for the prestige and setting record-breaking prices for the finest vintage and modern timepieces. While safety, notoriety, and convenience are among the top reasons to consider this option, it should also be noted that there are some cons. Working with auctioneers means paying steep fees and commissions on both the buyer’s and seller’s end. However, the trade-off can be worth it if you are a seller looking to find the most well-funded collectors.

Here are some of the top picks for auction houses:

  1. Buying or Selling a Rolex from a Local Jewellery Dealer

Looking for something local? Your best option is to meet with a reputable, local jewelry dealer like Twery’s. Twery’s is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB), a nonprofit organization that certifies a business’ legitimacy so you will also have the confidence in knowing you’re working with trusted experts.

Those who wish to sell will enjoy numerous benefits including access to a convenient location, dealing face to face with an expert, trustworthy and thorough appraisals of their watch, and immediate cash in hand based on fair pricing. Those who wish to buy a pre-owned Rolex can choose from our range of fine options with the benefit of purchasing an authentic timepiece for a fraction of the cost of a new watch.

When deciding to buy or sell a pre-owned Rolex, it is important that you consider all of your options carefully and never rush into making a purchase or a sale. Make a wise choice and work with a dealer you can trust. Looking to buy or sell a pre-owned Rolex in the Palm Beach County area? Stop by Twery’s !

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