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Determining the Value of Your Watch or Pocket-watch

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Did you inherit a watch that has been passed down through your family for generations? Or maybe you found a unique timepiece at your local thrift shop? Chances are, you’re curious about its worth. Whether it’s a beautiful pocket watch or wristwatch, we want to help you determine the value of your time-keeper.

Before you can begin, you must first answer these questions:

What is the make and model?

sell rolexCheck the watch’s dial for the words/logo that appear on the dial. What kind of features does it have? Does it have a chronograph? Well-known, high-quality brands like Tag Heuer, Rolex, Cartier and Omega have varying financial rates based on the watch’s brand, model and features.

Do you have its certificate and original presentation case?

Luxury watches tend to have higher values when presented with their original box and papers.

What is the condition of the watch?

Accurately appraising a watch is similar to appraising a car. Some questions you should consider:

  • How well does it work?
  • Does it show visible wear and tear?
  • How well has it been maintained?
  • Does it have all of its original parts?

When it comes to watches, its condition is key. Here are some pointers on how to determine the condition of your watch

New: The watch has never been worn and therefore has no visible scratches or traces of impact. Its bracelet and clasp look new.

Excellent condition:  This watch has been rarely worn and is in perfect condition. It may show very few, tiny scratches.

Good condition: This watch has been handled and worn well, and works perfectly. Its bracelet with its original clasp is in good condition and its crystal, case and winding crown have been cleaned and regularly serviced. It may show small, barely visible scratches on case or metal bracelet.

Anything less than the aforementioned categories will result in a significantly lesser valuation of your watch.

Start with a Google search

Is your watch a fakeIf you’re unsure of the watch’s details beyond the brand name, start with a quick google search of the words that appear on the dial. Not only will this help you narrow down the details you may not be sure of such as its ballpark date, Google images will help you confirm its specific make and model.  

Let’s say you inherited an American Waltham gold pocketwatch, for example. Searching “American Waltham” and the serial number on the back will help you figure out important details like its model, setting and the jewels used. Knowing these details, you can then look through databases to see how the watch is valued on different sites.

Be wary of eBay

Consider eBay to be the black hole of distorted reality when it comes to eBay sales. Watches are bought and sold on eBay for disproportionately higher or lower prices than their actual market value. Needless to say, you can’t really trust the prices you see listed on the site so do yourself a favor and avoid it.

Have it Appraised by An Expert

Having done your research, you may feel you have a clear idea of an approximate value for your watch or pocket-watch. If that is the case, the next step is to take it to a trustworthy expert to have it appraised. By experts we don’t mean the local pawnshop; in most cases, they won’t be well-versed on the actual market value of your watch or worse, they may recognize its value and try to underpay you so they can sell it at a profit.

At Twery’s we understand the value of watches and are familiar with the worth of well-known, high-quality brands. We’ll closely examine your timepiece to determine its value before providing you with a competitive purchase price for cash, on-the-spot. Stop in today!

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