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When to Buy & Sell Gold

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For centuries, gold has been a well-known symbol of wealth and opulence. This precious metal is the investment of choice as it can be expected to maintain its value during times of inflation or stock market crashes.

Here are some things you should know about gold before you try to buy and sell it.

When to Buy GoldBuy Gold During Uncertain Times

One of the most opportune times to buy gold is during periods of financial uncertainty and unrest. Keep your finger on the pulse of global developments by staying up to date with major financial institutions including the major banks, Stock Exchange and Wall Street.

The price of gold and silver tend to rise when investments in stocks and real estate are underperforming, making it an ideal time to enter the market or add more bullion to your portfolio.

Things to watch out for: unrest created by negative economic and political messages relating to currency, credit, stocks, property, debt and unemployment in the most influential economies such as the U.S., U.K., E.U. and China.

Buy Gold When You Can

When is the best time to buy gold? When you can! Why buy gold now? Gold is a long-term investment that maintains and increases its value through the years.

As a rule of thumb, it is best to buy smaller quantities regularly. This form of purchase, as opposed to single large transactions, enables investors to buy at a lower average price. Don’t be alarmed if the price of gold sees a dip after your purchase. Fluctuations in price are common and self-correcting. It is important to recognize that gold prices are an upward long-term trajectory making it more suitable for long-term investment.

When to Sell GoldWhen to Sell Gold

For those thinking about selling, it is best to keep tabs on gold’s spot price which is the current price at which gold can be bought and sold.

This price is determined by several factors including supply and demand, inflation, deflation and economic uncertainty. The unpredictability of these factors lead to the constantly fluctuating price of gold, making it difficult to predict when a good time to sell is.

Check gold prices just before selling.

You can do so by visiting websites or services such as:

Owning gold bullion means owning a safe, secure and timeless asset. It is meant to be a store of wealth that is built to withstand the unpredictable market. Therefore, the best time to sell your gold is when you need the cash or don’t need or want the gold itself.

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