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Top 7 Antiques in Your Garage Worth Lots of Cash

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Do you have a random assortment of old junk in your garage that’s just taking up space? You may be sitting on a goldmine without even realizing it!  Whether it’s the antique furniture you found at a thrift store or an old music box your grandma gave you as a child, it’s possible that what you have is worth more than you think.

Here are 7 antiques of value that are worth lots of cash:

Sterling Silverware

sterling silverIt is not uncommon for people to inherit sterling silverware that has been passed down the family for generations. These could be especially valuable if they’re made by well-known companies such as Tiffany or Gorham.

Keep in mind, the value increases the more complete the set is.  

Music Boxes

Before the record players, radios and iPods, there was the music box. These portable treasures brought brought melodies into the home in the 1800’s and early 1900’s.  As can be expected,  the older the music box, the more valuable it is with those that are older than 50 to 100 years being worth more than the music boxes are being created today.

Vintage Pocket Watches

Sell Your AntiquesThese historic timepieces, especially those wound with a key, are often worth their weight in gold.

To determine the value of your watch or pocketwatch, consider factors such as the make and model, as well as the watch’s current condition.

Antique Lamps

Like a piece of fine crystal, an antique lamp often qualifies as a fine piece of art. With designs spanning a broad spectrum, including the more famous styles like Victorian and slag glass, your old lamp may be collectible of  high value if it’s made by a well-known name like Van Briggle, Handel, Tiffany or Fulper.

Bronze Sculptures

That interesting bronze sculpture you have sitting in the garage could be a mini treasure. The value of these intricate pieces of mini art depends on a number of factors including the artist, age, or subject matter as well as the  type of material used. To figure out what your piece is worth, have it appraised by a specialist like Twery’s.


original art pieceThat painting you own could be worth a fortune. Keep in mind there are a few factors that will determine its worth. Is it an original? Is it still in its frame? Does it have the artist’s signature, initials or monogram?

If you’re curious about its worth, have it appraised by a trusted dealer like Twery’s.

Antique Furniture

Do you have a unique period piece collecting dust? Whether it’s Mid Century Modern (made in the 1950’s -) or Art Nouveau (made 1890-1914) that vintage set could be worth more than you realize!  Keep in mind, your furniture’s value will be based on four factors  – quality, rarity, provenance, and condition.

Do you have an antique gem that you’d like to sell? Contact Twery’s today!

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