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How to Buy and Sell Art Near You

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Purchasing a fine piece of art is a worthwhile investment. Not only does it add beauty to your home and evoke powerful emotions, its value as an investment appreciates steadily over time while simply hanging on your wall or sitting on your mantelpiece.

Whether you choose to purchase a painting, sculpture or print for your new or existing collection, or are looking to sell one of your pieces, we’re here to give your our tops tips to help you buy and sell art near you.

buying and selling art

  1. First, determine your taste

Before you decide to buy a piece of art, you must first figure out what you like. Ask yourself: What form of art am I intrigued by?

Do I prefer sculptures, paintings, photographs, mixed media etc? Is there a particular style or artist I admire? Start by visiting local museums and galleries to familiarize yourself with the various styles of art.

  1. Set a budget, but be flexible

The cost of artwork can vary significantly depending on the artist, the size, the medium and the time it took to create the piece. Figure out how much money you are willing to spend ahead of time. You can base this budget on a quick internet search and your previous research at local museums and galleries. Of course, selling your old art may help pay for new art.

  1. Shop Around

One of the beauties of buying art is that you’re not limited to one retailer should you choose to buy or sell art. This gives you plenty of options and the choice to make a deal in a place that is best suited to your needs and wants. Here are a few options for where you can buy or sell art near you:

Art Galleries

buy art near youArt galleries provide a  relaxed environment where you can view, discuss and evaluate art.

Art galleries are unique in their relationships with the artists, often working closely with individual artists giving them a platform to display and sell their art to a wider audience.

A simple search on Google will help you find local galleries in your area, also giving you some information on the type of art on display.  

Thrift Stores

If you’ve been to a thrift shop then you know that you can find some valuable treasures amongst all the junk.  These stores receive frequent donations from the local community and beyond,  making it easier to discover and purchase budget-friendly works of art. Keep an open mind.

There’s always the chance you’ll uncover something amazing.

Estate Sales

Estate sales allow you shop other people’s treasure’s, often for prices that are considerably lower than what you may find elsewhere. Estate sales happen all the time and are a place you can find all kinds of treasures beyond art. Look for estate sales near you for such items as art, antiques, jewelry, and more.

Pawn shops

Looking to make a quick sale or purchase? You might then consider your local pawn shop. The advantage of this option is the ubiquity of these retailers. You can find multiple just about anywhere! This will prove beneficial if you’re looking to compare prices.

Art Dealers

Whether you’re choosing to buy or sell some art, you should work with a trustworthy art dealer you can trust. These experts will not only have a larger and more diverse collection for you to choose from, they will also be well-versed on the market and therefore better equipped to discuss the resale value of your piece.  At Twery’s, we have a fine collection of antiques and art from around the globe making us the ideal choice for those looking to purchase fine art. Our expertise and years of experience in buying and collecting art make us the go-to buyer for those looking to get a great price on the sale of their piece.

Do you or someone you know wish to buy or sell their fine antiques or art? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!

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